Jahbria Muldrew


Our inspirational and motivational founder Jahbria Muldrew is an eccentric naturalist who has the drive to make the world a greener place with her distinctive approach. She always believed that Nature, above all, is and has been a savior. As many synthetic adventures had failed dismally, but Nature’s ultimate success always grew out of social and scientific conditions under which it was established. Always being a keen observant of Mother Nature around, she developed a love for Mother-Earth at a very young age. Jahbria has a vision of strong personality, who forged ahead with her beliefs and passion, which led to discovering the benefits of herbs and has made it her ultimate goal to go at the grass route level and study healing properties of herbs. She has discovered the herbs with components that add extra benefits to the amazing and holistic health modalities. She views herbal medicine as a “tool in the toolkit” of health, and she utilizes it in the best way for a holistic lifestyle of health. This has led her to help the world around like her friends, family, and her clients embrace more natural and integral practices.



Everyone deserves to be Happy! We’ve all heard this phrase but no one ever made an effort for you. So we are going to make it happen for you. Now you don’t need to make a resolution to improve your life because We are here for you! We are a wellness brand with the purpose of connecting you to deeper desires and empowering you to live a content life full of happiness and health.

We totally understand you because we’re also people, just like you. Trying to achieve milestones in our career, seeing family and friends regularly, just struggling for a balance between work, home, and ourselves. It’s arduous to find a reliable brand that would help us meet our daily needs. When our founder couldn’t find a brand to trust for all her everyday needs, she toiled to create it. And she knew that there would be people out there looking for safe and trustworthy products, offering simple solutions and vivid information about their choices. So for a happy life, if you want reliable and effective products that work for your family, your home, and most importantly; yourself.

Our success is our BELIEVE. And we believe that you deserve the BEST! Everything you put on, in, and around your body matters a lot so it has to be the best. To give you the best, we hold ourselves to a Natural standard of safety and transparency. We develop many of our formulas in our in-house lab to meet standards of excellence.

We are here to give you the magic of healthy and gleeful life. As we have a strong faith that Everyone deserves a Happy life, it is your right, not a privilege. Therefore, from day one, our social initiatives and community partnerships have ensured that more people have access to safe, reliable, and effective options in their life when they need it the most.

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” 

- Jahbria Mulderw

  • FAITH 

Humility is about recognizing and accepting one's own assets and liabilities/strengths and weaknesses, based on realistic self-perception.

There are two levels of integrity: when what you do is consistent with what you say; When your actions match your words, and when how you feel on the outside fits with how you seem on the inside; When the way your exterior appears to others matches your internal mental-emotional status.

Faith is belief not based on actual evidence/proof. The practice of faith includes the belief in a power beyond oneself along with a conscious relationship with that "higher" power.

I believe that if you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path. As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness.